Monday, October 25, 2010

I swear I'm not dead!

So I actually haven't stopped training. I just hit a snag. Well. Two of them.

A couple of weeks ago I, who have *never* had knee pain despite having done some quite high impact forms of exercise regularly for most of my life (jump kicks, anyone?), suddenly developed some soreness around my right kneecap.

It was pretty bad. It was bad enough that I felt it would be most unwise of me to run, because just walking was actually pretty painful. Oddly, it didn't really hurt when I *ran*. It hurt before, and after--often quite a bit more after.

So I laid off for nearly a week and iced it, and went back to taking a day off between each run day (the running schedule I was following occasionally had me running two days in a row, and then taking two days off.) The pain has not reoccurred.

I was quite chipper about being back on schedule, until weekend before last. I do my long-runs on the weekend, and that weekend I got laid up with a four day long sinus migraine, which is basically just a normal migraine in all ways except rather than having a throbbing head, I feel like somebody took a hammer to my eye sockets. Normally these last a few hours, but I've had ones go on for days. Sadly, this was one of the later.

Since keeping the pain down was taking an impressive mix of pain-killers laced with caffeine and decongestants--and the fact that when I got up to take more of said drugs, the mild elevation in my heart rate would cause the pounding to become even more insistent--I didn't do a long run that week.

I did one this week, though--going six and a half miles in an hour and fifteen minutes (not counting about ten minutes of a brisk warm-up walk and five minutes of a brisk cool-down walk). I felt fine yesterday (the day after I did it) and fine today, so I think I'm really back on track now.

I'm bummed that the middle of October wasn't as full of running as I'd like, but I am proud of myself for resting the knee rather than trying to push through it, and I'm also proud that I got back into training as soon as I wasn't being held hostage to a creaky knee or migraine.

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