Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dorky Running Gear Extravoganiza!

I found the camera cable to my digital camera a couple of days ago, so as soon as I can con Howard into acting as my camera man you will all very soon get to see pictures of me in my Dorky Running Getup. I know you are all very excited by this idea.

My Dorky Running Getup is certainly something that must be seen. Many running getups are pretty dorky, but I honestly believe that mine is quite special.

1. I run in baggy capris or pants (nylon, of course--for reasons perhaps I will explain at a later date, I--and most runners--NEVER run in anything cotton). Most runners run in shorts unless the weather is cold (and then they wear running tights. UGH.). I do, in fact, own several pairs of running shorts. I have a running skirt, too. They have not seen the light of day since I weighed twenty pounds less than I currently do. I am sort of afraid zipping down the streets of my town in them might get me arrested for public indecency. If nothing else, the little kids playing in the parks and in the schools I usually run around would be scarred for life by my blinding white legs.

2. I run in a vest. This is one of my more moronic pieces of running gear. It isn't that other runners don't wear vests, they just usually save them for days when it is a bit cool, very windy, or very wet. I wear mine ALL THE TIME. I do this because it has a breast pocket I can put my house keys and iPod in. I could, of course, get a little shoe pouch for my keys and a different holding-rig setup for my iPod (though the latter might be difficult, as I have a 1st G nano and they don't make much in the way of accessories for them anymore). The vest, however, also functions as a running security blankie. That way when people look at me funny as I huff past them (or at least when I think they do), I can make believe they can't really see me because I have the MAGIC VEST on. There are an assortment of tek shirts I wear beneath the vest, depending on the weather, but nobody will ever really see them because of the magic vest.

3. I always wear a hat. I have three running hats: my TNT running hat, a plain blue one, and one branded by some athletic wear company or another I found on clearance this spring. I look amazingly dorky in all of them. I have sort of chin length, nail-straight hair, so when said hair is under the hat, I always feel like a dorky 16 year old boy with a mullet in a trucker hat.

4. I wear a Garmin Forerunner 305. I love the hell out of it, but there is no escaping the fact that it is HUGE and CLUNKY. I find this acceptable because this is basically how I feel when I run: huge and clunky. It is also, as I have already stated, giving me a totally gnarly tan line.

I am considering adding a gigantic pair of wrap around sports sunglasses to the deal, as sun glare and I are not friends. This will require me to wear my contacts, however. And probably also a moisture-wicking headband either under the hat or instead of the hat. So you can see, I am working VERY hard to find ways to be still more entertaining to those I happen to cross paths with as I plod around the neighborhood. And this is also not to mention my water belt, which holds a bottle of water firmly attached to my butt for when I am going to be out hoofing it for more than an hour. It's a fanny pack for runners. It's every bit as fashionable as you think.

This is what you all have to look forward to pictures of! I hope you're really looking forward to the fashion show. I know I am.

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